Bundaberg Hospital Patients and Visitors Helped by Global Care.

Here is a just one example of the little things but yet the oh so powerful things that Global Care does around Australia:- (story from Yale Morgan: Bundy Global Care Coordinator)

‘For many years Global Care Bundaberg has provided snacks for the Parents and Family Kitchen at Bundaberg Base Hospital. All that time out of a plastic box .. thanks to Ron and Jannette Keirs who built (one of many to come) our new Pantry! This will be at the hospital today! (20th January 2017) ‘

Just in case you don’t know:….

Global Care is an Australian Aid and Humanitarian Organisation that has, over its 24-year history, had an impressive track record of getting into the trenches and helping people in need not only in Australia but throughout the island nations of the Pacific and further afield.

There are Six Strategic Operational Areas within the Global Care suite.

  • Local Community Focussed Operations – There are currently 85 of these strategically placed around the nation. They aim to meet key needs within the community that they are located in.
  • Domestic Disaster Response – In times of Natural Disasters, Global Care has significant capability to be a first and second stage responder: providing immediate emergency assistance and then being involved in the rebuilding and the healing process.
  • International Disaster Response – particularly focused on the Island Nations of the South Pacific. But not limited to the South Pacific.
  • International Humanitarian Operations. Building Birthing Suites in nations in Africa.
  • Advocacy – giving a voice to the voiceless.
  • National Others Week: Initiated by Global Care, this kindness focused week is all about changing the world one act of kindness at a time. Currently celebrated in 7 nations.

Primarily a volunteer organisation, Global Care has around 2000 active volunteers each week, helping around 10,000 people each day. The Organisation has full Gift Deductible Recipient (DGR) Status and is also a Public Benevolent Institution. Global Care is funded through donations from the public and a small corporate partnership base.

Global Care is the Social Justice arm of International Network of Churches (INC). To see the Global Care Website Click Here.

To connect on Facebook Click here

Please feel to subscribe this site to keep updated on all the things that are happening in the world of Global Care.

If you would like to donate to the work of Global Care:

  • Global Care
  • BSB 704 024
  • A/C No. 010000157
  • Ref: Donation

Peter Pilt is the International Director of Global Care. His contact details are as follows:

Mobile (0407) 288 404

Email: peter@globalcare.com.au

Peter’s Blog site is Click here

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