New Disaster relief trailers for East Coast

A new disaster trailer has been purchased and in the process of getting signwritten. The aim of this trailer is to position it in Bundaberg/North Queensland. Future planning will also see a trailer purchased for Melbourne and one for Beenleigh, which will give Global Care great coverage to assist the community along the East Coast of Australia. The trailer in Melbourne will be specifically equipped for fires while the trailers in Queensland will be better prepared to handle predominantly flooding disasters. Global Care aims to have all trailers operational by the 2017/2018 storm season, complete with a Nissan navara to haul the trailers to communities in need.


If you would like to make a donation to Global Care, Please use the following details:-

  • Global Care
  • BSB 704 024
  • A/C No. 01 00 00157
  • Ref: Donation

Who is Global Care?

Global Care is an Australian Aid and Humanitarian Organisation that has, over its 23-year history, an impressive track record of getting in the trenches and helping people in need not only in Australia but throughout the island nations of the Pacific and further afield.

If you would like to find out more about Global Care go to

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