Painting the Picture of a Perfect Home: For the Children of our Ugandan Orphanage

The work continues at our Ugandan Orphanage, with the painting now in full swing.  Doors have been hung, plumbing installed, detailed tiling has been laid and beautiful gardens have been planted.  The amount of attention to detail that has been sown into making this a special home, is quickly gaining momentum.  As the saying goes “Home is Where the Heart is”.  The hearts of the workers and volunteers definitely shows as the Ugandan Orphanage is beginning to piece together the picture of a perfect home.  The labour of love that has gone into this project has brought and continues to bring much happiness, security, comfort and joy to the hearts of the beautiful children who call this place ‘home’.


GC Uganda Pic 1GC Uganda pic 5GC Uganda Pic 3GC Uganda pic 2GC Uganda Pic 7GC Uganda Pic 8GC Uganda Pic 9GC Uganda Pic 10GC Uganda Pic 11GC Uganda Pic 12

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